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1) Our firm does pure RECRUITING.  After receiving detailed information regarding your current opening, we research, identify, recruit and screen, often over 100 candidates per search.  We then select the top candidates to interview/present to your company.  We know this process of personal networking uncovers the best candidate in the market versus the best person who responds to an advertisement. (No unqualified /unscreened newspaper/Monster.Com applicants please!) 


2) We are sales recruiting SPECIALISTS. We do not work any non-sales related openings. Daily, we concentrate on recruiting high caliber pharmaceutical/medical sales professionals.  We spend 100% of our time identifying and rating sales talent and we are experts at it.   We understand your company's needs and we act as the candidate's first exposure to your company.  We feel we are best suited to make that lasting first impression of your company.


3) We are members of First Interview.  Hunkler Search is a member of FIRST INTERVIEW, a nationwide automated sales networking system of over 400 offices.  Each office is selected on its proven ability in working with national companies and ethical performance.  First Interview has become the largest and most effective independent sales recruiting network  This enables you national access with one telephone call.  Most candidates are double-screened (often by a local recruiter).


4) We have a proven performance track record.  Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule?  You can get 80% of the results from 20% of the people (applicable in sales results, customers dollar volume and even volunteers for school events or neighborhood functions.)  We at Hunkler Search Associates have always been top achievers in all that we do. 


5) We understand a “sense of urgency”.  We know that in today's economy that time is money and an open sales territory is lost revenue.  Our Clients continue to realistically challenge us to perform and we do.  If your opening is not urgent or you have not set a specific hire date………please call us back when you have.


6) We create that favorable first company impression.  Hunkler Search Associates has the skills and professionalism to accurately paint a realistic picture of your opening.  We act as an extension of your company during the recruiting process who understand all of the job specifications.  Have you ever been turned off by a recruiter contacting you for the first time?   We do our best to not let the great candidates get away while we are recruiting for your opening.


7) We are honest.  We don’t over promise or oversell.  At Hunkler Search Associates we have built a reputation based on high ethical standards. We are proud career recruiters and firmly know that many recruiters (80%-?)have a “shady” reputation.  Just remember that we are part of the 20% of successful, top performing recruiters.


8) We are CPC Certified.  This has nothing to do with accounting. CPC stands for Certified Personnel Consultant. .  This is a  coveted symbol of professionalism in the personnel consulting industry.

Certification is the personnel consulting industry's badge of confidence.  It identifies those individuals who have attained a high level of expertise and professional competence.  Its purpose is to assure the client and job applicant that the highest ethical and professional standards will be met in their business relationships with the Permanent Placement industries.

To the individual who achieves it, certification is the symbol of pride and accomplishment.  To the client, certification is your assurance that the personnel consultant you are working with met or surpassed a prescribed set of standards and is a professional in all aspects of the highly technical field of personnel placement.

The rules about certification are few, but they are significant.  To qualify, an individual must be employed currently in the industry and have a minimum of two years' experience as a placement consultant.  The designation can only be granted to individuals.  No firm can claim that it is a CPC firm. Upon applying for certification, candidates must first pass an EEO law exam.  This tests for their knowledge of certain aspects of employment law.  Candidates failing the examination are not certified.

Twice yearly, spring and fall, the written examinations are administered.  University sites at several locations throughout the country are selected.  The examinations are proctored locally and test papers are sent to an independent psychological testing organization for its approval before certification can be granted.  From start to finish, the entire process of certification takes the better part of a year.

What does CPC mean to you?  It is your assurance that you are working with a highly-competent individual in the complex field of recruitment.


9) We are fun to work with.  


10) Testimonials  

"I've known Phil Hunkler personally since 1985 and he is a person of outstanding character. He excelled both in Sales and Management outside of the Personnel Industry giving him keen insight into the qualities and characteristics of outstanding sales performers. As a Recruiter and Search Firm leader, Phil brings the ability to understand client wants and needs while finding candidates whose aspirations mesh well with the potential Employer."

Tom Boyd
President and Founder Acadia Group
(Former Southwestern Director of Sales)

“Hunkler Search has always provided well qualified, professional candidates. They take the time to find out exactly what type of individual you need for your sales team, and focus their search accordingly. I strongly recommend Hunkler Search Associates for any Sales Managers looking to strengthen their organization.”

Paul S.
Pharmaceutical District Manager- Charlotte, NC

“I have known and worked with Phil Hunkler and Hunkler Search Associates since 1998. Phil has been instrumental in helping me hire phenomenal sales talent. Part of my career advancement (three promotions in the last four years) is partly due to hiring the right people. Every sales manager needs to realize just how crucial each and every potential hire is for the entire organization and for personal career advancement. Rest assured that Hunkler Search Associates will give their best effort to bring those "A" candidates to the surface in a timely manner.”

Manager Field Sales Development
(Fortune 100 company with over 4,000 sales representative responsibility)

“Always a pleasure to work with such professionals who take their jobs seriously. Hunkler Search Associates shoots us candidates that are “dead on”. I will continue to let Hunkler Search Associates be an asset and recruiting tool for my sales team.”

Edward T.
District Sales Manager, SC

With the pending launch of our new diagnostic product line, we needed to ramp up fast with solid professional sales representatives and aggressively attack our target market. Hunkler Search quickly and accurately assessed the candidate profile I wanted to fill my North American territory positions and always delivered quality prospects for consideration.

On more than one occasion I needed to move quickly and asked Hunkler Search to have several pre-screened candidates ready for interviewing within 10 to 14 days. Again, they always delivered. During a three-year period I hired 10 sales representatives through Hunkler Search and I would rehire every one of them again today. Having Hunkler Search handle all my recruiting needs added to my division's productivity and success in achieving our revenue targets.

William T. Thomas
Director of Sales, Americas
IDEXX Laboratories - FED Division (1992-1996)


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