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Phil Hunkler

Phil Hunkler is the founder and President of Hunkler Search Associates headquartered near Charlotte, NC. Phil has been successfully recruiting since May of 1991.


Originally from Ft. Wayne, IN and the youngest of   six boys , Phil finished in the top 3% from Wayne High School, was two year State cross country finalist and a city-all star soccer finalist.

Despite coming from a family background of all engineers (Notre Dame Civil Engineer, Naval Academy Mechanical/Nuclear Engineer, Purdue University Mechanical Engineer and a father who spent 42 years as an Aerospace Engineer) Phil stumbled into a sales career with Southwestern Company to pay for tuition and expenses at Indiana University.

Southwestern Company

Phil finished in the top 10% of 1100 rookie students with Southwestern and won the President's trip to Cancun, Mexico. Phil went on to win Presidentís Trip four out of the next five summers. Southwestern Company afforded Phil the means to pay for 100% of college costs. He graduated from Indiana University Dec. 1988 with a BS in Finance and 3.02 GPA. Attached is Philís college resume .

As a student manager in his second summer with Southwestern, Phil began his pre-recruiting career. He recruited and trained Mike Bieker who went on to finish #6 of 1200 rookie students. After graduation, Mike founded www.marketlabinc.com in 1996. His company was profiled in Inc. Magazine (Oct. 2001) as a top 500 fastest growing companies to watch in the U.S. Mike sold his company in 2012 and is taking time off and preparing for his next venture.

Subsequently, Phil recruited and mentored Hank Boughner who finished #3 of 1200 rookie students. Hank continued to be a top 1% producer for several summers with Southwestern. After completing his self-financed MBA from Wharton Business School Cum Laude, Hank Boughner was a successful partner with The Goldman Sachs Group in Manhattan, NY and is now a hedge fund Manager in Atlanta, GA.

Thus began Phil Hunklerís foundation in sales and his passion for identifying, mentoring and recruiting qualified individuals into outstanding sales careers.

Moving South

After graduating from Indiana University in 1988, Phil wisely moved to the Carolinas with a brief stint in Columbia, SC and then to Charlotte, NC in 1991.  Phil is married to beautiful wife, Sherry Hunkler, and they have four wonderful young adult children.

The Search Begins

Phil began recruiting and mentoring with Premier Search in the spring of 1991. The senior recruiters had over 25 years of combined recruiting experience. After a successful start Phil was offered an opportunity to purchase a portion of the business in 1993. In June 1993, Hunkler Medical Associates was founded. A later name change to Hunkler Search Associates better identifies that we are a recruiting search firm.


Phil has continued to excel in assisting managers in locating qualified candidates based on their companyís individual requirements. As a member of First Interview Network, Phil has continued to rank in the top 15% in split business nationally since 1997.

  • 1997-Top 8%
  • 1998-Top 20%
  • 1999-Top 12%
  • 2000-Top 16%
  • 2001-Top 5%
  • 2002-Top 8%
  • 2003-Top 15%   Office Nationally
  • 2004-Top  6%    Office Nationally
  • 2007-Top 16%   Office Nationally
  • 2008-Top 7%     Office Nationally
  • 2009  #10           Office Nationally and Co-Rookie of the Year
  • 2010 #18            Office Nationally
  • 2011 #22            Office Nationally

With a proven track record of successful career placements, Phil and his associates would appreciate the opportunity to enhance the careers of candidates or partner with managers in building a solid, growth-oriented sales force.

We encourage you to view the testimonials below then give us a call to begin the process.


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