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As stated earlier, the average recent college graduate can expect to have 7-10 jobs during their career (hopefully not more). So it is crucial to master the art or science of interviewing early in your career. One of the best books that I recommend is: “Knock ‘em Dead- The Ultimate Job Seekers Handbook”, by Martin Yate. I consider it an inexpensive must have for anyone preparing to go on an interview. Remember that preparation is key but never overlook the fundamentals of interviewing. Hiring Managers tell me that the result of the interview is often determined in the first ten minutes of the interview.

  1. The Interview - What to Expect and How to Handle It
  2. Twenty Good Answers to Help You Master Even the Most Grueling Employment Interview
  3. Behavioral Interview Tips
  4. Sample Interview Questions to Expect
  5. Sample Interview Questions to ask
  6. Ways to Fail on an Interview