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First Interview is not a franchise. Each office is individually selected on its proven ability in working professionally with national companies. Register on First Interview Network.

First Interview is the largest network of independent sales recruiting firms in the nation. Each member has been selected because of their proven ability to meet the sales, marketing, and management needs of national companies.

First Interview has over 400 offices in major cities across the country. Because all offices are independently owned, you can be assured your contacts are with decision makers. People who have a vested interest in successfully completing your sales or marketing assignment. Our client list reflects most of the Fortune 500 companies which have on-going requirements for quality people, as well as smaller corporations whose personnel needs, although few, are equally important.


There are no additional costs to get the benefits of the First Interview Network, and the resulting savings in your time means the most cost-effective recruiting procedure available to your company. And with a contingency search, no fee is ever billed until the assignment is successfully completed.

A significant advantage of the network is our ability to locate qualified candidates already in the city where the position is to be based. The resulting savings in house hunting and relations expenses are a major benefit to our client companies.


Working with a national corporation means commitment on our part to devote our full efforts to completing your assignment professionally and quickly. It amounts to a "contingency search" and works like this:

We take the necessary time to fully understand your open position and the type of candidate you want. A complete job description is sent to our affiliates in the area where the position is to be based. We will locate and recruit those candidates with the specific experience you desire.

Prescreening, in-depth interview and thorough reference checks can all be done before the candidate is presented to you. Out-of-town interviews can be scheduled directly through our local affiliate, and interviewing facilities will be made available.

In short, your opening receives the efforts of multiple offices throughout the network, while your contact remains with one affiliate who coordinates the assignment.


  • Interstate Search Salary Surveys
  • Sales Team Profiles Staff Selection Seminars
  • Candidate Testing/Evaluation National Account Programs


Employers who give a job assignment to Hunkler Search Associates can request to have their opening posted on our First Interview Network. We often have a local recruiter in the city where the opening is located.

Candidates who would like to Register on First Interview Network need to contact Hunkler Search Associates. We will screen your background and send you a hyperlink to register as a referral from Hunkler Search Associates. From that point on we will act as an agent (no fee to candidate) in bringing exceptional opportunities to your attention.

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