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About 90% of our business is placing professionals who are already in the medical sales or pharmaceutical sales industry. All of our positions require a four year college degree and a minimum of two years of successful sales experience with one company.

Key requirements that companies look for and Hunkler Search Associates looks for:

  1. Do you have the experience they are looking for, i.e. Calling on specific doctors, selling into the operating room ...?
  2. Do you live in the area? For a majority of sales positions applicants are more valuable if they bring current contacts and knowledge of the local area with them to the hiring company.
  3. Do you have a track record of success? How do we know you are a good sales representative and a hard worker? You must be able to document growth that you personally (not a teammate) have impacted on a sales territory. What are you ranked within your district? Ranked within your region or nationally? Have you won a national award? How did you perform at your previous job? How were your grades in college? Were you competitive or involved in Fraternities/Sorority? Did you pay for any of your college? All of these are measuring tools that help us and potential employers guess your potential success as a member of their sales team.
  4. Do you have a stable job history? Typically three jobs in five years is too many. Do you have a history of 1-2 years at each company? There is a fine distinction between a fast tracker who is moving companies to advance quickly and a job hopper. A fast tracker moves because they have exceptional sales numbers but have hit a ceiling with advancement opportunities or income opportunities. A job hopper is an average performer who leaves before they get pushed out by their manager who is trying to attain his teams sales goal. At Hunkler Search we accept resumes from everyone but will represent only fast trackers.
  5. Does the position make sense for you? Would it be a forward move financially? Would it be a step forward in your career? Is the sales territory size a match for your personal situation?